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Don’t Get Ripped Off Selling Your Gold And Precious Metals!

If you understand what is written below you cannot be taken advantage of: Today’s gold price of approximately $1,325 per ounce is still very high. If you are contemplating selling but unsure of how much gold you own and what is a fair price to receive, here are some of the intricacies that you should […]

Buying and Selling Unique Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds are rare, precious, and expensive stones. If you are interested in buying colored diamonds, you will be interested to know that diamonds can actually come in a variety of colors including cognac diamonds, brown diamonds, green diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, red diamonds, orange diamonds, and blue diamonds. For every 10,000 diamonds mined […]

“Estate”, “Antique”, and “Vintage” Jewelry

“Estate Jewelry” is simply jewelry that was pre-owned by another person. Estate is often used to describe finer high end pieces, but the term estate can be used with any quality. “Antique Jewelry” is simply jewelry that is more than 100 years old. This does not mean that just because your 100 year old grandma […]

Pearls – Understanding This Beautiful Gem

Throughout most of recorded history, “Natural Pearls” were cherished and their possession was restricted to royalty. Pearls, the only gemstones that grow inside of a living organism, were very rare and expensive. Pearl divers searched the world’s pristine waters for these exquisite, naturally formed gems. In the late 1800′s, Japanese researchers discovered that they could […]

My Ring Doesn’t Look As Good As When I Bought It

When I first saw my ring in the jewelry showcase I fell in love with its brilliance and fire.  Today my ring looks dull and lifeless. What happened? 1. Lighting – Jewelers pay lots of money to have lighting experts make their jewelry sparkle and glow. Ask to see it outside before you buy it, […]

Appreciating the Beauty and Uniqueness of Colored Diamonds

When you hear the word “Diamond” you probably picture a clear, sparkling, faceted, brillian stone – often in an engagement ring. You may not be aware that diamonds occur naturally in every color including blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, brown, black and combinations of these colors. Many of these colored diamonds are rarer and […]