Appreciating the Beauty and Uniqueness of Colored Diamonds

When you hear the word “Diamond” you probably picture a clear, sparkling, faceted, brillian stone – often in an engagement ring. You may not be aware that diamonds occur naturally in every color including blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, brown, black and combinations of these colors. Many of these colored diamonds are rarer and much more expensive than the well known “D” thru “Z” colors. However, some colors like black and brown can be both beautiful and very affordable. The most expensive colored diamonds ever sold were red and blue which were sold for approximately a million dollars per carat. Famous large, unique, colored diamonds are all rich in history and legend, and are on display at famous museums throughout the world. Perhaps the most famous of these is the priceless 45.52 carat Deep Blue cushion cut “HOPE DIAMOND”. Harry Winston jewelers donated the HOPE to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC where it can be seen today.

Scientists have successfully grown colored diamonds in labs and have even changed diamond’s existing colors to mimic the most beautiful diamonds in nature. To ensure that you are purchasing a naturally occurring, rare colored diamond, you should only purchase from a reputable, knowledgable jeweler and only if the diamond is accompanied by a Diamond Grading Report from a reputable lab – in my opinion the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the top diamond lab in the world. Once you purchase a colored diamond, the design and construction of the mounting is crucially important to showcase the beauty of the rare color. If you currently own rare colored diamonds, you should get them reappraised because of the upward price movement over recent years.

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