Suzanne Belperron

Suzanne Belperron (1900-1983) was an iconic Parisian jewelry designer who insisted “Mon style est ma signature.” Her jewelry embodies a sensual elegance as well as an intellectual fascination that appealed to a sophisticated clientele from socialites to stage and screen stars. Working until the 1960’s she never signed a piece believing that her work was so distinctive that the jewel itself was her signature. Her pieces can be identified by the marker’s mark of Darde et Groene, who produced her designs, additionally many of the pieces she made in partnership with Bernard Herz are signed “Herz-Belperson”. However, it takes a trained and discerning eye to identify her unsigned and unmarked creations, and since almost no archives remain. Her works are immensely rare on the market. A very private person, Belperron burned her personal papers and photographs, and, after years of obscurity, has only recently been rediscovered.