Maison Lacloche Frères

Maison Lacloche Frères (Founded 1901) was a retail business which selected its works from the top talented designers and workshops of Paris that the public was unaware of. Calling on workers for the great jewelers, Louis Girard, Georges Verger, Rubel, Georges Lenfant, Strauss-Allard-Meyer, and Halluin-Matlinger, the reputation of the firm as one of the premiere jewelers of on trend pieces grew rapidly after the 1925 Exposition Internationale in Paris. The Lacloche brothers drew their inspiration from Oriental and Chinese art as well as the fables of La Fontaine.

In 1936 Jacques Lacloche opened a jewelry shop at 8 place Vendôme with the name SARL Jacques Lacloche. The SARL shop remained open with Jacques Lacloche, nephew of the original Lacloche brothers, until 1966 when he closed to pursue a career in Contemporary Art.